Communicating Cleanliness is a Critical Component to Increasing Occupancy

This is a confusing time for many people, especially travelers. Potential hotel guests have tons of questions about how hotels plan to keep them safe if they were to stay at a property. Now more than ever before, it’s important to be communicating with future guests at every stage of the experience.

Showcase Your Cleanliness to Instill Guest Confidence

Whether you’re trying to instill confidence in brand loyalists or entice new customers in drive to markets, promoting your cleanliness practices is going to be vital to getting guests to book a stay. Many brands are publicizing their post COVID cleaning programs and that’s a great first step. Remember, many potential guests enter your booking website from Google maps or other directories rather than searching your brand site directly. Make sure each property has updated their hotel information and guest room amenities to call out any additional COVID precautions. If it’s only on the brand site, it could be missed. Travel is not business as usual, and guests need reassurance that you’re stepping up to keep them safe.

Set Expectations with Pre-Arrival Communications

Based on a J.D. Power pulse survey conducted in April of this year, hotel efforts to inform travelers about their specific cleaning and sanitization protocols are among the most important actions hotels can take to make travelers feel comfortable. Guests are far less likely to complain about scheduled pool visits or a reduced breakfast offering if they are made aware in advance. Advise guest prior to arrival what amenities may be lacking, but balance that disappointment by showcasing what additional steps you’re taking to keep them safe.

One example is to share with future guests that you’ve installed Protect-A-Bed bed protection that features a viral barrier. Hotel guests spend more time in bed than any other area of the property, especially now. Protect-A-Bed encasements, mattress protectors, and pillow protectors feature the Center for Disease Control’s highest level (level 4) of barrier protection (ASTM F1671) which means viruses can’t pass through fabrics. Guests will sleep comfortably and confidently knowing you’ve invested in their well-being.

Calm Fears at Check In

In uncertain times there is no such thing as over communicating. Make sure you’re reminding your guests of your commitment to cleanliness when they arrive at your property for check in. Consider a disposable card that calls out key investments in sanitation. Are you offering new contactless options? Did you add UV sprayers to your common areas? Are you swapping ice buckets for bottled water?

Make sure you’re also getting credit with your guests for previous investments. Many properties have already invested in keyless entry, but during COVID, the hotel room key is one more touch point that can be avoided. If you’ve previously installed AllerZip Smooth or BugLock Plus Encasements, let your guests know their sleep zone is protected with a viral barrier.

Deliver on Your Promise

You’ve guarantied your guests a hotel stay that’s safer and cleaner than ever before and now it’s time to deliver on that promise. Guests will be hypersensitive to anything that calls out a less than spotless environment and that could mean bad reviews and lost business.  According to a recent study by AHLA frequent travelers most often chose cleanliness as the most important factor when determining their next hotel stay.  Make sure you avoid stained mattresses by installing waterproof mattress protectors. Installing waterproof protectors can also eliminate odors that arise from bodily fluids penetrating the mattress and pillows, helping the room to smell clean and sanitary. Occupancy may be lower, but now is not the time to skimp on pest control. Installing encasements to protect your mattresses and box springs from a bed bug infestation is essential. When you chose Protect-A-Bed encasements you also protect your mattress from stains and spills and install the highest level of viral barrier protection.

Properties that are successful at showing potential guests it’s safe to resume traveling will win the business during these uncertain times. Make sure you’re marketing your sanitation practices and brand cleanliness standards everywhere your future guests are booking their trip. Right now, a clean, safe property may be the biggest competitive advantage you have. Communication cannot stop once the guest has booked their stay. Stay in contact with your guest to build confidence all throughout their experience. If you can make a guest feel taken care of in these extraordinary times, you’ll be rewarded with loyal customers who will return to your brand and your hotel time and time again.