Create the Ultimate Healthy Sleep Zone

Create the Ultimate Healthy Sleep Zone for Your Guests in 3 Easy Steps With Viral Barrier Protection

Step 1: Install A Mattress Encasement

Defend against bed bugs, dust mites and more; extending the life of the mattress and preventing costly remediations. Install the encasement once with no need to remove when used with a mattress protector. Don’t forget to encase the box spring and sofa bed too.

Step 2: Install Mattress Protection

Waterproof Miracle Membrane® coupled with our Viral Barrier will protect against viruses, allergens, dust mites, and liquids, providing you with the ultimate protection for your guests. Mattress protectors install just like a fitted sheet and easily remove for washing upon guest checkout. Add a mattress pad for extra protection between the sheet and the protector.

Step 3: Add Pillow Protection

Waterproof Miracle Membrane® pillow protectors coupled with our Viral Barrier create a healthy sleep zone for you and your guests. Launder each pillow protector upon checkout avoiding the need to wash pillows separately.

Sleep Comfortably, Sleep Confidently

Protect-A-Bed’ has passed independent lab testing to achieve the Center for Disease Control’s highest level (level 4) of barrier protection (ASTM F1671) which means viruses can’t pass through fabrics. This is the same testing needed for surgical gowns.