Hotel Design Trend: Embracing the Location

Today’s hotel guest is looking to have a unique experience. Gone are the days of cookie cutter design across the country. The modern traveler is seeking an experience that embraces all things local.

Here are 3 Easy Ways to Customize Your Décor:

  • Artwork

Add artwork and photographs specific to your location. What attractions and landmarks are unique to your city? Consider displaying artwork from a local artist and sharing their story. You could sell postcards of the artwork as a unique souvenir for your guests to remember their stay.

Niagra Falls Printed onto Hookless Shower Curtain

  • Custom Printed Shower Curtains

The shower curtain is the single largest canvas in your hotel bathroom. Bring your location’s ambiance into the bathroom with a custom printed shower curtain. We offer the ability to print any stock image or high resolution photograph directly onto your Hookless® shower curtains. Imagine seeing the grand canyon, golden gate bridge or a snow covered mountain in your bathroom.

  • Color Scheme

Color can completely transform how a room feels. Consider planning your color scheme to coordinate with your location. Blues and greys are calming and popular in coastal locations. Bright color would bring out the energy of Miami. Black and white high contrast patterns feel modern and trendy as you’d expect in a city like New York. Don’t forget to thread your color scheme through your hotel bathroom as well as in the room. Choose bath accessories that embrace the mood you’re looking to achieve by bringing in the colors of your local environment.

Cairo Bath Collection – So Vegas!

These small details can have a large impact on your guests’ stay. With so many options for today’s traveler between popular home rental sites, the rise of boutique hotels, and new lifestyle brands, to compete in this evolving marketplace your hotel needs to stand out. Consider what changes you can make to embrace what makes your property unique (and instagramable)!