hooked™ Shower Curtains

Already the industry leader in the shower curtain category, Focus Products completes the curtain assortment by bringing the hooked™ collection to the hospitality market. This assortment covers everything from traditional opening price point vinyl to 100% polyester with key features and benefits (called Poly Premium). Every hooked™ shower curtain has an industry best triple reinforced header for stability. Focus Products innovates in this product category by introducing some of the premium elements of the original Hookless® shower curtains.

The Benefits

    • Triple reinforced header.
    • Available in polyester, vinyl or nylon.
    • Optional sheer window allows light into the shower.

hooked™ Shower Curtains

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Basic Poly

Poly Premium

Nylon hooked™

Vinyl Stall hooked™

10 Gauge Vinyl

6 Gauge Vinyl

Double Hooks

Derby Hooks

Mini Checkerbox

Mini Waffle hooked™