It's A Snap!® Liners

We have provided housekeeping with a more efficient way to replace shower curtain liners. It’s A Snap!® polyester liners with magnets are more accessible and detachable, which makes wash and care a less labor-intensive process.

Features & Benefits

  • The ultrasonic cut technology is heat sealed, creating a flat and seamless bottom hem. This promotes water repellency and more efficient water run- off, ultimately reducing the ability for mildew to form.
  • It’s A Snap!® polyester liners with magnets increase the life of the shower curtain by allowing the liners to be washed separately and more often than the decorative curtain.
  • Magnetic bottom helps hold shower curtain liner in place and keeps water from splashing out.

It’s A Snap!® Liners

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Polyester Liner

RePET Liner

PEVA Liner