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Alexandria RePET

Alexandria is a recycled, yet durable, Hookless® shower curtain made from RePET in a basketweave pattern. Features include translucent window, chrome raised Flex-On® rings and It’s A Snap!®  RePET liner with magnets.

RePET = Recycled polyethylene terephthalate. PET is the material used to make standard water bottles. Each RePET One PLANET™ shower curtain saves 60 water bottles from entering the world’s landfills. The durability you have come to expect from Hookless® shower curtains, with an environmental sensibility.

The Benefits

    • Made of 100% RePET
    • Chrome raised Flex-On® rings.
    • Coordinating poly-voile translucent window.
    • Includes It’s A Snap!® RePET liner with magnets.
    • It’s A Snap!® liner features ultrasonic bottom cut to prevent mildew buildup and weighted corner magnets.

Alexandria Specifications

Description Item Spec Sheet
White 71 x 77 HBH20MPT01SL SPEC PDF

Replacement Liners

Description Item Spec Sheet
White 70 x 57 HBH19SL0157 SPEC PDF