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Box Spring Plus Encasement

The Box Spring Plus Encasement keeps your sleeping area clean and bed bug-free. It is bed bug entry-proof and escape-proof with patented BugLock Secure Seal three-sided zipper. Mattress encasements are ideal for shielding against bed bugs, dust mites, dander, allergens and other contaminants.

The Box Spring Plus Encasement can be used on a mattress and/or box spring. Made of durable, 100% high stretch jersey knit fabric. This encasement is not waterproof; it protects from bed bug infestation.


The Benefits

    • Bed bug entry/escape proof
    • Sleeps cool and quiet
    • Flexible Fit
    • 1 year warranty

Bedding Encasement Specifications

Description Item Size
Twin - 9" Depth BOB3001 38x75x9
Twin XL - 6" Depth BOB3017 38x80x6
Twin XL - 9" Depth BOB3007 38x80x9
Full - 9” Depth BOB3003 54x75x9
Full XL - 6" Depth BOB3018 54x80x6
Full XL - 9" Depth BOB3004 54x80x9
Full XL - 13" Depth BOB3020 54x80x13
Queen - 6" Depth BOB3014 60x80x6
Queen - 9" Depth BOB3005 60x80x9
Queen - 13" Depth BOB3006 60x80x13
King - 6" Depth BOB3015 76x80x6
King - 9" Depth BOB3010 76x80x9
King - 13" Depth BOB3011 76x80x13
Hotel King - 6" Depth BOB3016 72x80x6
Hotel King - 9" Depth BOB3012 72x80x9
Hotel King - 13" Depth BOB3013 72x80x13