Protect-A-Bed's Sleep Safe Checklist

Hotel guests spend more time in bed than any other area of the property. Make sure you’re providing your guests with a safe sleep zone with Protect-A-Bed’s sleep safe checklist.

Pillow Protectors

  • Add waterproof pillow protectors with a viral barrier to all hotel pillows. Protect-A-Bed’s Miracle Membrane® blocks viruses, allergens, dust mites, and liquids. It has been independently tested to ensure it meets the CDC standard for viral penetration.
  • Remove and wash pillow protectors upon check out. Since Protect-A-Bed pillow protectors block all contaminants, you don’t have to wash the pillows between guests, just the protectors.

Mattress Protectors

  • Add waterproof mattress protectors with a certified viral barrier under your sheets. Protect-A-Bed offers smooth and quilted options. If you’re using a mattress pad, the protector should go over the pad.
  • Remove and wash mattress protectors upon check out. Mattress protectors install just like a fitted sheet and can be easily removed for laundering.


  • Install encasements to prevent bed bug infestations. Encasements block bed bugs, dust mites, and more, extending the life of the mattress and preventing costly remediations. These encasements are installed once and don’t need to be laundered if you’re using a mattress protector on top.
  • Don’t forget to encase your box spring and sofa bed mattress too.

Protect-A-Bed creates a safe sleep zone, so your guests can rest comfortably and confidently knowing you’ve invested in their well-being as they resume traveling.

Protect-A-Bed’s Miracle Membrane has passed independent lab testing to ensure it meets the CDC standard for viral penetration (ASTM F1671) which means viruses can’t pass through fabrics. This is the same testing needed for surgical gowns.