Which curtain length is right for me?

The standard Hookless® shower curtains are 74” and 77” lengths. A traditional shower curtain 72” long. Our Hookless header sits above the shower rod, rather than below, so a 74” Hookless is equivalent to a 72” hooked curtain. We offer a 77” length for those using a curved rod. The length of the curtain is determined upon the height of the shower rod installation. We recommend you purchase a curtain where the curtain or the liner sits a minimum of 5” inside the tub.

Are your shower curtains fire retardant?

Polyester and vinyl are synthetic materials and are inherently fire retardant as they will melt versus catch flame. None of our Hookless® products are FR rated.

Can I buy Hookless shower curtains for my home?

Yes! Visit our retail division at SureFit.com or search for Hookless online at Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Kohls. The styles shown on this website are specifically for hotel use and may not be available for home use.


How do I measure my bed to ensure my encasement fits correctly?

It’s important to measure the length, width and depth of your mattress to get the best fit for your encasement. Our encasements are designed to fit snug on your mattress. This provides a better night’s sleep for your guests, makes it easier for housekeeping when changing the linens, and prevents liquid from pooling in the folds of excess fabric. Our encasements have about 2 inches of stretch in them.


What’s the difference between a mattress protector and a mattress encasement?

A mattress protector goes over your mattress like a fitted sheet and protects your mattress against stains and spills. An encasement covers all sides of your mattress is bed bug entry and escape proof. Protect-A-Bed’s AllerZip Smooth and BugLock Plus encasements provide bed bug protection with a waterproof protection to solve both problems in one product.

Why should I encase both the mattress and the box spring and not just the mattress?

70% of a bed bug infestation will be within the mattress and box spring.  The infestation will begin in the box spring as it provides ample space for them to hide and lay their eggs in.  From the box spring they will move up to the mattress.  If you cover just the mattress they will still live in the box spring, and if you only encapsulate the box spring, they will begin to infest the mattress first.  To be most effective in protecting your investment you will need to encapsulate both the mattress and box spring.

Are all your mattress encasements waterproof?

No. While we recommend you purchase an encasement with waterproof protection like our AllerZip Smooth or BugLock Plus, we do offer our Bedding Encasement which is bed bug entry and escape proof, but does not offer protection from stains and spills. The bedding encasement is ideal for use on your box spring where you would not need waterproof protection, but can also be used on your mattress.

What’s the difference between a mattress pad and a mattress protector?

Most standard mattress pads do not offer any type of protection from soiling or staining the mattress.  If something were to spill on a mattress pad, the moisture will soak through the pad and could still stain the mattress.  Our Waterproof Quilted mattress protector provides the comfort of a mattress pad with the waterproof barrier of a mattress protector for a 2-in-1 solution.

Storage & Shelving

Should I order stationary or mobile posts?

Stationary posts come with leveling feet and the ability to add threaded casters separately to convert to a mobile unit later on. Mobile posts do not have leveling feet and must always be used with stem casters. If you’re looking for the flexibility to use your wire shelving as stationary or mobile, select stationary posts. If you’re sure you’re going to use your shelving as a mobile cart and are looking for a higher weight rating, select mobile posts. Threaded casters have a load rating of 200 lbs each, so your shelving unit has a total weight capacity of 800 lbs. Stem casters have a load rating of 300 lbs each, so your shelving unit would have a total weight capacity of 1200 lbs.

How can I customize my shelving unit?

You can create your own shelving unit by ordering posts and shelves individually. We have created kits of the most popular sizes, but there is no upcharge to order by piece rather than in our kits. We offer mobile and stationary posts in 3 different heights and 7 different shelf lengths. Remember, the top of your unit and the bottom of your unit is 2 shelves, so be sure to order the correct number of shelves.

Use & Care

How do I wash my shower curtains?


Machine wash with other Hookless® shower curtains only. Detach liner to launder separately if included. Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry on low. Iron on lowest setting as needed. If the curtain has a vinyl window, DO NOT PLACE IN DRYER.



Hand wash in warm soapy water, NEVER machine wash as the product could become permanently damaged. DO NOT PLACE IN DRYER.

How do I wash my mattress encasements?

Protect-A-Bed mattress encasements and protectors can be washed in cold or warm water, but no hotter than 140°F. Do NOT use any bleach, bleach alternatives, non-chlorine bleach or any bleach by-products in the detergent. For encasements close the zipper until 12”-18” inches remains open for washing and drying. Tumble dry on low.

How to I clean my bathroom accessories?

Wipe product down with a clean damp towel only. NEVER use abrasive chemicals or decorative finish may become damaged.

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